Water Cycle Reflection

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How I would Teach the Water Cycle?

Today, I would like to walk you through how I would teach a lesson about the water cycle. There are many things that I have considered when preparing this lesson, and several key questions that I have asked myself.
The first being, who is my audience?
In this case, I am presenting to a high school plant and soil science class. Students in this advanced level class will be mostly sophomores, juniors, and seniors.
Which brings me to my next question, what do they already know?
Since this is an upper level course, I expect that their knowledge about the water cycle is pretty advanced. All of these students have taken biology which leads me to believe that they have knowledge about the cycle, but not necessarily how it relates to agriculture.

With the understanding of who my audience is and what they know, I am going to create a few simple objectives centered around the question “what to I want them to know?”

Following this lesson my students will understand how the water cycle relates to soil health. They will be able to:
Evaluate soil and water cycle relationships that encourage plant growth to the point that they could teach someone else.
And without reference materials, explain how the water cycle influences the infiltration and percolation of water and nutrients with at least 80% correctness.
Along with the goals of my students, I am very goal driven so I am not only going to set those goals for my students, but also for myself.

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