Water Essay: The Importance Of Water In Our Life

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What is water; people this day don’t really know the real meaning of water. Water is a basic molecules made up of two hydrogen atom and one oxygen atom. When these three atoms come together, they form a strong bond that is difficult to break. The strength of this bond keeps a water molecule together. Water is one of the most common substances on the Earth. We see water every day they are everywhere in toilets, food, drinks, beach, and others places. Why is water important to us; the most important thing about water is that all living things need it to survive. For example, humans can 't survive more than a week without fresh water, but they can survive about a month without food. Water is an important resource that can be used for many…show more content…
When we say water there’s a lot of type of water in the world, some people might think of sea water, water in the lake/river, some might think of dirty water. There is no doubt that water is important for living things. We not only can use it, and all living things need water to live. The importance of water is clear to us, it has many ways to use and we can’t overlook it. Not water that we need but what we need is clean water, water that has been filtered by the factory and 100% sure that is not going to give you disease. If you drink dirty water or water that never been filtered you might be sick and a lot of disease in your body, so you have to make sure that the water that you are drinking is clean so that you could have a healthy body and happy life. Water is one of the most important elements for health. The human body builds up by more than seventy percent of water. It helps human to digest and absorb mineral of food. It also helps to supply oxygen to the brain and other parts of organs. Following by the report, the importance of drinking water is at least eight glasses of clean water every day. Rain is the natural water cycle between the earth and the atmosphere. It will wash the dust in the air and make the air become more fresh and clean. Fresh and clean air can cause people and things become health. Rain also helps to water the crops and to cool down the temperature of

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