Water Fluoridation Research Paper

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Water fluoridation is to increase the level of the fluoride that occurs naturally in the water to reduce tooth decay and strengthen teeth. Fluorides are minerals found very commonly in the earth 's crust and in all water supplies. In the 1930s, American scientists discovered out much less tooth decay experienced by people living in areas with higher level of fluoride in the water, than people in area with lower fluoride level. Therefore from 1945, in America, once its effectiveness against tooth decay become obvious, water fluoridation community spread out rapidly (Australian Dental Association, Unknown Date)
There are people who support the water fluoridation and people who oppose it. There are few number of advantages and disadvantage of water fluoridation that are commonly mentioned by people. Firstly, above all things, it lessen the chance of tooth decay. Cavities and tooth decay reduced very significantly up to ninety percent, only by drinking fluoridated water. This achievement of fluoridated water in also considered as one of the top 10 achievements of 20th century (Nutrition Articles and Infographics, 2014).
In addition, fluoridated water is completely safe for humans if it controlled at below recommended levels. Thus, the American Dental Association and many other health organizations declared
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The biggest risk of water fluoridation is that the dose cannot be controlled once it is fluoridated. One of the benefits of water fluoridation is that it is completely safe for humans if it controlled at below recommended levels. However, it is obviously impossible to control and check the dose of each individual receivers, once fluoride is put in the water. It is difficult as people drink different amounts of water and some people (e.g., manual labourers, athletes, diabetics, and people with kidney disease) drink substantially more water than others (Connett, PhD,

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