Like Water For Chocolate Character Analysis Essay

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Imagine being invited to your sibling’s wedding, only to find out that they are marrying your significant other. The novel, Like Water for Chocolate, written by Laura Esquivel, takes place on a ranch in Mexico in which Esquivel explains the hardships that the youngest daughter, Tita, has to go through due to the De La Garza’s family tradition and Tita’s relationship with her mother. Since she is the youngest of three, the tradition is that she is not able to marry, and her main focus should be to take care of her mother until she dies. Tita had already been in love though with Pedro Muzquiz, but now he is married to her sister, Rosaura, to try to get closer to Tita. Therefore, Mama Elena knows to keep the two apart and threatens Tita if she ever does anything she is not supposed to. Tita is a strong female character who undergoes many challenges such as, losing the love of her life, being mistreated by her mother, and trying to not hurt her sister’s feelings.
When Tita announced that Pedro would like to speak to Mama Elena about marrying her, she was lectured about their family’s tradition and in response Tita just “lowered her head, and the realization
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With everyone living at the ranch, there is no privacy in the house which makes Tita uncomfortable whenever she sees Pedro around. Out of respect towards Rosaura, Tita knew she had to stay away or else Mama Elena would punish her unreasonably. “Tita was more worried about saving her skin than about anything else” (41) from Mama Elena. This is the main reason why Tita does not speak up about how she truly felt, but remained courteous to spare her sister’s feelings. In addition, Tita is frighten of her mother because she knows what she is capable of. Due to this fear, Tita has the ability to overcome her mother’s commands and mistreatment by being strong and standing up for what she
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