Water For Elephants Book Report

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Anderson Deutschman Among four other New York Times and USA Today best selling books, Water for Elephants is just one of Sara Gruen’s exemplary novels. Being one her most recognized books, this story was adapted into a movie in 2011, and it is said to be a sufficient portrayal of the novel. Gruen is a married mother of three, also owning two dogs, four cats, two horses, and a goat; she uses this evident love for animals as inspiration for many of her fictional works. Water for Elephants employs this inspiration and has sparked great imagery throughout the book. She also uses constant, vivid flashbacks along with lucid expression of the main character’s internal emotions to create a unique, intriguing plot. The novel begins with Jacob Jankowski,…show more content…
Lastly, Water for Elephants greatly portrays Jacob’s internal feelings about every situation. The first person point of view is key in conveying Jacobs thoughts, and the readers are able to see the reasoning for Jacob’s actions, along with the intricacies of his personality; this is crucial in order for the reader to develop a deeper understanding of the book. A clear scene where Jacob reveals his thoughts is when he expresses concern for Marlena after her injury. “As the days pass, I grow more anxious about Marlena. Each time I approach the cookhouse I hope that I’ll find her there. And each time I don’t, my heart sinks.” Through Jacob’s thoughts, readers can see that he has an amiable heart even though he may act stubborn in his old age and throughout other scenes in the novel. In addition, Jacob 's internal thoughts allow readers to understand why he feels his life is uneventful as an elder by being exposed to the passionate and exciting life that he longs for. For example, after he watches Marlena’s act for the very first time, Jacob, in his head, says, “My heart pounds so hard that...I am aware of blood whooshing through my ears. I am filled to overflowing, bursting with love.” The true fervor expressed in scenes like this allow us to fathom Jacob’s longing to be young again, along with his desire to once again find
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