Water For Elephants Character Analysis

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The main character in the historical novel “Water for Elephants,” written by Sara Gruen, is Jacob Jankowski. In the novel he is pictured both young and old. This character is in retelling a story from his youth while he is 93 years old and in a nursing home. Young Jacob and old Jacob both have their own problems and other troubles. The older Jacob tells his story of his youth because he feels bad for being old. He loved his life and is sad to be all by himself in the nursing home. Thinking back to his life gives him lots of positive feelings and emotions. Jacob is very curious in a sexual matter, kind-hearted and in a way stubborn with certain values. Jacob is curious in many ways. When old Jacob starts telling his story from youth we find out he is a college boy wanting to lose his virginity. He says, "I am, as far as I can tell, the oldest male virgin on the face of the earth". He often communicates to pretty ladies, like Catherine, who tease him by making him believe he is wanted. He doesn’t understand his role in this world yet and he 's a bit of a romantic, he avoids prostitutes. During the first days working in the circus he gets to see the female body for the first time when Barbara exposes her breasts at her show. When he meets Marlena for the first time it is quite clear that he wants to sleep with her. Jacob has a keen interest in women and thinks of intercourse very often. At the same time Jacob is committed to only having sex with someone he truly is in love with. He spends his life in a monogamous relationship and says he never had the need to cheat. "I was completely faithful to her. Not once in more than sixty years did I stray".…show more content…
He was a person who wanted the best for people. Even though some actions he took weren’t good, the final outcome was positive. Many would probably like to have a friend similar to Jacob, including
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