Water For Life Sandra Postel Analysis

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“Water for Life”, an article by Sandra Postel, appeared in Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment in March of 2009. Why is it that with all the efforts going into solving the worlds water preservation problem we haven’t found a way to fix it? Postels’ response is simply that society views water in a utilitarian fashion and “modern society’s disconnection from natures web of life” and from waters role as the “basis of that life”. Sandra Postel is a good source for this opinion because she is the director of the Global Water policy project; She is also the Freshwater Fellow of the National Geography Society, serving as its Freshwater Initiative lead water expert. This article was possibly a response to The Water Conservation Act of 2009 that was in senate in March. With the Possible repeal of the Clean Water Rule by Trump recently being in the news, its safe to say water conservation is still a hot topic.…show more content…
Stones’ famous 35-year-old essay, “Should Trees Have Standing? Towards Legal Rights for Natural Objects”, which agues that “rivers and trees and other objects of nature do have rights, and that these should be Protected by granting legal standings to guardians of the voiceless entities of nature, much as the rights of children are protected by legal guardians.” Stones augment impacted US Supreme Court justice William O. Douglass who agreed and wrote a dissent in 1972 saying the publics concern for the environment should lead to standing up for the environment. The fact that this with all this urging was present years ago show how relevant and needed the issues was to deal with years
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