Deforestation: The Cause Of Land Pollution

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Living in this era basically means that technology is inseparable from our daily life. Industries are growing faster than ever, thus more and more factories are being built in order to fulfill the increasing demand of products (e.g. phones, cars, electrical appliances) from all around the world. The demand is so great that many companies are pushing their limit of production as high as possible. This consequently leads to severe pollution problems. A lot of big companies are dumping their waste straight into the open land. Dumping the waste into the open land is considered as a way to save time and money that can be used to focus on increasing their production. The waste is usually toxic, containing heavy metals and acids. Heavy metals are…show more content…
This problem must be treated seriously because we will not know how far the heavy metals and acids can reach by water, it is possible for those pollutants to even reach neighbor countries if the concentration is high enough. No one knows how long it will take for pollutants to influence the health of organisms that have consumed them accidentally. Like water and air pollution, land pollution can also be disastrous for our health. The problem with land pollution is that we cannot clearly see if a piece land is contaminated before conducting a test in the lab. Deforestation is one of the causes of land pollution. It reduces the ability of the soil to absorb water, which may end up in erosion and landslide, and at the same time it removes the fertile portion of the land, thus the quality of green produce is affected in a bad way. Increase in demand of technology products is somehow related to land exploitation because the raw materials are obtained through mining, and excessive mining is actually harming the land. The balance of ecosystem in nature is tilting slowly as the modern industries grow in recent…show more content…
Many pollution reports are being submitted to government, but none of them are being processed. Corrupted authorities are helping companies to cover up the violation they made. Bribery is still a common thing and it is the responsibility of government to eradicate it. Some companies even pay locals to support them and act like no waste dumping and pollution have happened there. A legal organization working under government can be deployed in order to work on reports submitted concerning pollution and contamination. Officers from said organization will have the right to investigate any sites or lands that are considered as suspicious and arrests people responsible for it. Authorities and companies that are proven guilty should be punished as heavily as possible, and the fortune they made from their dirty works must be confiscated and used to restore those polluted lands. Government and the people need to work together to solve the problems caused by pollution. Environmental activist group can cooperate with government to create a set of rules for companies in order to reduce pollution. Citizens can participate to raise awareness of pollution, every one of us has the full right to submit a report if we think a company is suspicious and might have been dumping their waste in a way that can hurt mother nature. Government should strictly and frequently keep every factory in check. Companies that cannot go along with the

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