Water Pollution And The Environment

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Water is a necessity for all life on Earth, yet it is one of the most threatened vital resources in the world. “Water pollution is any contamination of water with chemicals or other foreign substances” (Water Pollution). From automobile fluids that seep into sewage systems to household products that are usually poured down sinks, all these items can contribute to the destruction of the environment. However, these items have a common denominator: humans. Not enough people are aware of the dangerous effects that water pollution has towards the environment and what causes it. Water pollution has disastrous effects on the environment that endanger aquatic species. Shockingly, “over 1,000 seabirds and sea mammals die from water pollution each year” (11 Facts About Pollution). This means that, even though, environmental organizations have made strides to ensure clean water, aquatic life continues to die directly by water pollution from the human species. Throughout history, water pollution has been an ongoing occurrence and sea life is still not protected enough from it. Currently, “freshwater species face an estimated extinction rate five times greater than that of terrestrial animals” (World Water Quality Facts and Statistics). Chemicals, the main cause of this problem, leak into lakes, rivers, and other water bodies causing the algae in these ecosystems to overpopulate; thus, it causes the oxygen in the water to deplete. Considering that only 2% of freshwater makes up all the

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