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Bailey McTigue Professor Wick ENC 1102 Writing and Rhetoric 13 February 2018 Water Pollution An Annotated Bibliography Critical Preface The problem that I care to research about is water pollution. As an environmentalist and someone who cares about the environment, I understand that water pollution is a big deal. I have always loved to research things that humans do to damage the environment. A cause of water pollution is oil spills from big oil tankers. Oil gets into the water and kills the marine life. As I did my research, I asked myself some questions to expand my knowledge on the topic and find more information on water pollution. "Should the government put laws on oil companies?" Five information-seeking questions that I asked are, "How…show more content…
This is an update source as of June 4th, 2017. In his article, he speaks of what water pollution is as a whole. He goes into detail of different sources of the pollution in our waters. Woodford explains how water pollution affects us as a population and mentions ways we can stop or reduce the pollution that enters our waters. Water Pollution." NRDC, 20 Dec. 2016, www.NRDC.org/issues/water-pollution#priority-experts-resources." - This is an informative page for the National Resource Defense Council's water pollution website. It is a charity that works to protect the earth. They are a credible source because pollution a field that they specialize in. They have a team of scientists that specialize in environmental studies. The NRDC has an award from the Better Business Bureau. This BBB award shows that there is high accountability of the use of funds donated to the NRDC. This is an up to date source as of 2018. In this article, they discuss how much water is polluted. They speak of ways that farming and cities can use water in a smarter way to reduce the amount they use. They discuss that the water we drink is polluted…show more content…
The article written by NOAA, the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. This they are a government organization part of the US Department of Commerce. This article is up to date, it was last revised on January 29th 2018. This article is about why we made oil tankers switch from a single hull to a double hull. It discusses the Prince William Sound oil spill that lead to the double hull initiative. Library research Marquiss, Karen D. K. The Exxon Valdez oil spill: industry response and the evolution of environmental policy. 2007. - This source provides data from Prince William Sound. It has data from ten years before and after the oil spill occurred in 1989. It discusses how laws and practices changed after the Exxon Valdez oil spill occurred. It shows how different groups got engaged to make a difference. This is a book that presents water pollution problems. Double-Hull tanker legislation an assessment of the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. National Academy Press, 1998. - This source is a book that discusses the way the oil tankers were reinvented after the oil spill in Prince William Sound. How we did away with the single hull tanker and now the double hull oil tanker is the new standard. It discusses the impacts the new double hull standard has on reducing water pollution. This source is a solution to water

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