Water Pollution Essay

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Many industries directly flow their waste everywhere which reaches rivers through rain water. To prevent water pollution from industrial wastes, it is required that these wastes should be disposed of properly. Some industries follow this rule, and they either destroy the remaining material, or re-use it safely. In addition to applying these methods, industries are required to bring about changes into their methods of manufacturing to prevent water pollution. But not all the industries are following these norms. Most of them throw their wastes into the rivers which is a dangerous scenario as far as water pollution is concerned, as all these wastes finally affected the water animals as well as the humans.
Avoiding hazardous material

It is also extremely important to adopt the correct methods of the disposal of toxic wastes. In the places where paints, cleaning and stain removal chemicals are used, it is required to arrange for the safe disposal of the wastes and the contaminated water coming out of these factories. Oil spill from cars, other vehicles and the machines are required to be stopped completely.
Oil leak from the cars and other machines have posed bigger threat and these have become major contributors for water pollution. So, it is important to take care of cars and machines. Oil leak from the factories are also required to be stopped after the completion of the work in factories. These factories are required to apply all the ways for the safe disposal and

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