Water Pollution Essay

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The water issue between Malaysia and Singapore has become a major problem between both nations. The main reason that this water issues occurred is because of the dissatisfactions in payment for the water supply from Malaysia to Singapore and Malaysia often to shorten the water supply, if the Singapore government didn’t cooperate with Malaysia’s political demands which is requested by Malaysia to Singapore. The issue has remained unsolved until now, although a few solutions have been taken to settle this problem. However, the bilateral relationship between Malaysia and Singapore has shown a good improvement until now. So that, this chapter will answer the first research question about Malaysia efforts to maintain the Singapore bilateral relations which is during the conflict of eater issue which is from 2002 until now. 3.2 Political Relationship between Malaysia and Singapore Malaysia and Singapore shared a substantial economic, political and social relationship between both nations (Rusdi Omar, 2012). Malaysia and Singapore relations are known as a political interdependence relation between both countries. Besides, Malaysia and Singapore have their own viewpoint in the Malaysia and Singapore bilateral relationship. For example, Singapore gives the intention to mutual esteem, mutual benefit, and adopt the International law and agreements. While, in Malaysia’s point of view, they believed about “win-win situation” and mutual benefits in relationship. This shows that both

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