Water Pollution Essay

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Two-thirds of the earth’s surface is made up of the water which forms such an important part of our lives. Despite this, we as the human race continue to pollute our water; risking the amount of water available to us and in turn causing unchangeable effects. Water pollution is a consequential change in the physical or chemical properties of water thus contaminating the water bodies. The quality of water is therefore at risk due to the many different types of water pollution.
The most visible form of pollution is surface water pollution as we are able to see it floating in its physical form on the surface of lakes, streams, and oceans. This type of pollution consists of garbage from human consumption and includes all waste products e.g. plastic, tins, polystyrene etc. However, a large amount of the earth’s water is found underground and accessed via wells built to obtain the water in the aquifers. The pollution of this ground water is caused by toxic chemicals (fertilisers, pesticides, etc.) that soak through the ground and into the wells and aquifers below the earth’s surface. This contaminates the water thus making it undrinkable and forming the second type of pollution, namely groundwater pollution.
As some viruses and bacteria are water born, microbiological pollution is found to be one of the most dangerous types of water pollution as anyone who comes in contact with the contaminated water risks becoming dangerously ill. Majority of the organisms found in water are

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