Water Pollution Essay

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Jewellery manufacturing uses metals and chemicals w hich are not blameless for pollution in the river but jewellers do not see a connection between their profession and pollution of the Ganga. For millions of Hindus believe that physical pollution and spiritual pollution are two entirely different creatures. During monsoons, no treatment plant works so the wa ste water is channelled directly into the river. Many of newly constructed plants can no longer function properly because of the lack of the fund. Tannery owners are not ready to take any responsibility even if cleaning plant is not functi oning properly. They just shrug shoulders saying that we are paying government so i t is their look out. We cannot stop our business. Jal Nigam throws up their hands and s ays they are starved for funds. End result is a smelly mix pouring directly into th e river. The river is just too convenient a dumping ground. Besides, there is an e ntire economic subculture that lives from producing or recycling gossamer-thin pla stic bags. Mithai Lal, a poor washer man is proud that his family has been washin g clothes for a long and he believes that detergent kills all the germs and sma ll insects. It bleaches water. The sewage kills the Ganga water whereas they try to cl ean the Ganga with the detergents, caustic soda and acids. Such an ignorant man does n ot know how all these are making the great water flow a feeble stream. Even if the Narmada is not in a very poor condition like the Ganga,

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