Water Pollution Essay

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Land use has an impact on the water quality and the river health. Water quality is a major problem in many communities which may lead to human illness due to the bacteria within the water which may be caused by bacteria due to human sewage, cattle and other pathogenic bacteria. Organisms that are found or live within a river, lake or dam can be used to identify the quality of the water. Streams, rivers, and lakes are an important part of the landscape, as they provide water supply, recreation, and transportation for humans, and a place to live for a variety of plants and animals
The aim of the practical is to evaluate the water quality of three sites thus a largely natural site, largely modified and critical conditions; by analysing the organisms found in water and also by checking the oxygen content, PH and the temperature.
Where the water flow fast, where there’s vegetation growing and on edge of the river are the best places where many insect could be mostly found. Loose rocks in the current were also a good habitat for insect collection. Invertebrates were collected on different habitat found in the river site. The insects were collected by holding the net the current and disturbing the stones, vegetation and the sand upstream the net. This permits the current to wash off the dislodged invertebrates into the net. The vertebrates were also collected by brushing them off stones using a hand. The mud was rinsed from the net and the contents were

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