Water Pollution In Mongolia

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Water Pollution in Mongolia
Mongolia is a landlocked country between China and Russia, it is one of the least densely populated country in the world with a population of hardly 2.6 million people over a surface area of 1.6 million square kilometers. The primary source of income of people is from herding livestock that forms one third of the total population. Although the country has water sources enough for existing population but due to uneven distribution of sources, some area experienced the severe drought and some area abundance with water supplies. The groundwater forms the 82% of fresh water source to the people.( This paper will discuss about the source of water in Mongolia, cause of water pollution, pollutants involved,
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What are the consequences? Write in detail consequences on the Environment, on the local people and on the economy of the country.
Answer: The consequences of polluting the water bodies directly and indirectly from various sources ranges from a simple to severe impacts on the Environment, on the local people and on the economy of the country.
Direct impacts due to anthropogenic pressures such as industrial plants, manufacturing units, mining,urban development and timbering etc. Indirect impact due to land use change from organic to inorganic farming leading to leeching of chemicals in nearby water bodies, Persistent Organic Pollutant such as DDT, herbicides, insecticides into the water bodies.
The consequences of industrial plants, mining, urban development and timbering are destruction of aesthetic beauty of landscapes, physical disturbance of landscapes and creating open pits. Due to this impact the natural habitats of flora and fauna is disturbed and causes rapid extinction of endangered species of Mongolia. Particulate matter is released in the air reducing the air quality, which infact is unsafe for the species present in the area and people living nearby. The pollutant in the water causes destruction or imbalance in the ecosystem of marine
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Some of the free flowing rivers were heavily polluted by directly dumping the industrial waste, run off of fertilizers and chemicals in the river and direct sewerage dumping practice done in the past. Therefore Mongolian central government came up with policies like National Water Program (2005-2015), the Programme on Urban Development and utilities, Government Policy on Ecology, Law on Environmental protection for reducing the negative impacts of pollution (2005-2015). (Balima,
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