Water Pollution In The Problem Of A Manile Waste Water

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1. INTRODUCTION Water is a transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid and the most essential element of life on earth. It is widely considered as the basic unit of life and life is not possible without it. According to Zachary Shahan (2012) water covers 71% of earth’s surface, it includes oceans, sea, lakes, etc. but only roughly 1.08% can the people access on domestic use. The world use water every day both indoors and outdoors, it is a need in toilet, leak, shower, clothes washer, faucet, and to refresh a person’s body. According to Environmental Protection Agency (2014) water is also a need industrially, commercially, in agriculture, and to produce electricity for example the Thermoelectric Power, Irrigation, Public Supply, Mining, and to Self-Supplied Domestic. As plants and animals, humans also need water and up to 60% of the human body is made up of it. Water contamination by heavy and toxic metal is a big problem for the environment and also for human health. Wastewater is water that has been contaminated by heavy metals and was used as part of an industrial process. It can originate from a variety of anthropogenic like domestic, industrial, commercial or agricultural activities, and from sewer inflow or infiltration. The wastewater is one of the biggest problems of a Manilenya, specifically the residents that lives near the Pasig River. It was overlooked by a lot of leader or Presidents because it seems to be hopeless but through the efforts of the researchers there

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