Water Pollution

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1. Introduction Over decade’s water pollution incidents are the most detrimental effects of biosphere, which may cause greenhouse effect, acid rain and unsuitable contamination of drinking water or water quality (P. K. Goel, 2006). Water pollution is the direct or indirect alteration of chemical, physical and biological factors that affect water quality (P. K. Goel, 2006). It is the contamination of water courses such as rivers, ground water, aquifer, lakes, oceans, water pipes and boreholes. Water pollution has been a major problem all over the world which can cause certain diseases and affect the ecological section (F.W Owa, 2014). 2. Water pollution emergencies in china What was spilled? China is one of the countries with high number of water pollution incidents in the world; actually it has a high number of river pollution cases (The World Bank, 2007). China is facing acute environmental problems due to water

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