Water Pollution Research Paper

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Definition of water pollution.
Water pollution is defined as the water contamination due to the direct or indirect pollutant that were discharge into river and contamination of the chemical that was not properly treated to remove harmful compound.
Factors that cause water pollutions.
There are several factors that causes the water pollution such as the non-point source, point source, rubbish dumping, industrial waste, and ballast water tank. Non-point source is the waste that come from many source and goes to the one point that is the water channel, the waste mostly come from the place where human population are high such as suburban development, rural home and city streets. There were also waste that come from the forestry and cropland
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Another place where the pollution of water is at the critical point is Sungai Klang where the pollution really affected the community at that place due to the stinky smell that come from the river, the smell that come from the river is caused by the rubbish that block the flow of water. The pollution in Klang also cause the water source not safe for the daily use such as for washing and drinking. Industrial waste come from the industrial, the waste from the industrial such as paper, an example of industry that give impacts to the water is paper industry as it write words, drawing and printing which they used ink. Inside the ink was the ink pigment which the pigment was not soluble in water, by taking example of white ink contain titanium oxide as the pigment. The last factors that contribute to water pollution is the ballast water tank where the ships carried water together with the organism that were placed in the ballast water tank
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