Water Pollution Solution

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As any problem has a solution, water pollution has a suggested solutions as well. As it is known the sewage pollution is a main cause that affects the water cleanliness, the disposal of sewage in the rivers estimated at 90% .To reduce its detriments, society or government specifically should focus on construct necessary facilities, and ensuring ongoing maintenance. Beside that there is a very common solution that most of the countries rely on, which is wastewater treatment. (Abdul azeem.2014) 8The processes of wastewater treatment are designed to improve the wastewater quality. For instance, sewage treatment, Sewage treatment is the process of removing pollutants from the wasted water. It has three main stages: firstly, pretreatment which intend to remove harmful pollutants before being discharged to a sewer system .Secondly, primary treatment that designed to remove organic solids. Subsequently, secondary treatment which purpose is to have effluent quality as final result. (Sewage treatment.2012) Treating wasted water processes have the aim to reduce harmful substances such as biodegradable organics, pathogenic bacteria and suspended solids.( world bank group . 2015) It also produces an effluent that will do as little harm as possible when it is discharged to the surrounding environment. (Sewage treatment. 2012.p.2)9 state "Primary treatment removes (..) The solids from the effluent, but don 't remove or degrade the dissolved organic matter." So far 2.5 million people on

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