Water Pollution Solution

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Water pollution is one of the most pressing problems in the world nowadays. Water is an integral part of the biosphere, which depends on the state of flora and fauna. More than 98% of all water resources of the planet are represented with high salinity waters, which are unsuitable for economic activity. Water pollution is a change in the chemical and physical state, or biological characteristics of water, limiting its further use. With all types of water change or physical condition or the chemical composition of the water - when entering the pollutants, which are divided into two main groups: changes over time in water and remaining there unchanged. The first group includes organic components of domestic wastewater and most of the industrial waste such as pulp and paper mills. The second group consists of many inorganic salts such as sodium sulphate, which is used as a dye in the textile industry, and inactive organic substances such pesticides. Pollution prevention requires control of land use, implemented in the form of a specific zoning and land use regulations. To prevent certain types of pollution laws can be applied. For example, laws may protect from point sources or from any actions that could potentially result in contamination. Control over land use zoning is a tool for the protection of groundwater, the use of which is most effective at the municipal or county government. The main element of the program in protecting the aquifer from degradation of

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