Water Pollution Speech

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A very good morning to my lecturer Madam Rokiah and my beloved friends. Today I would like to deliver a speech on ‘Water Pollution’. Life is dependent on water, and without water no form of life can survive. But it is hard to believe that even after knowing such a fundamental truth, how people can turn a blind eye to water pollution. Every year thousands and thousands of people, especially children, fall prey to water-borne diseases, and nearly half of them die. Water pollution is a serious issue as not only is water the most precious natural resource, but all sources of water support life that is very necessary for the survival of the planet. Water pollution destroys life and ecology and such damage is irreparable. Those who are still not serious about water pollution must also remember that the pollutants present in water not only destroy the life in the rivers and oceans, but also affect our food chain. Many people have the wrong notion that since they are not disposing the pollutants in the water they are not to blame. These people forget that 70% of the earth is covered by water, and any activity on the land can wash to the seas and oceans. Ultimately, you need to understand that preventing water pollution is to our benefit, and to the benefit of the life around us. So, it is imperative that each one works towards reducing pollutants for safe and pure water. Well, here comes the first preventing method. Any unpleasant mixture of substance in water will cause water
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