Water Pollution: Cause Of The Earth

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Water Pollution Water is said to be the cause of the earth. We can say that it is the lifeline of our ecological existence. But the precious gift of the nature which comprises of 70% of the earths surface is not that pure now. Day by day the quality of water is deteriorating and becoming unfit for human consumption. Like air pollution, water pollution can also be described to mean the adverse change in composition or condition of the water such that it becomes less suitable. Ordinarily by pollution, we mean contamination and thus when the water is polluted or contaminated it becomes totally unfit for use. Water can said to be polluted whether by contamination or alteration of its physical, chemical and biological properties or by discharge into it of any sewage or trade effluent or of any other liquid, gaseous or solid substance, whether directly or indirectly, has created or is likely to create a nuisance or has rendered or is likely to…show more content…
Man made radiations originate from the activities of man involving the use of radioactive materials. The primary sources of natural radiations are the ones of uranium and thorium generally used in nuclear processes. The nuclear explosions result in radioactive materials and studies reveal that due to the greater force of explosion and very high temperature during explosion, the radioactive products are transformed into gases and are ejected high into the atmosphere as fine particles resulting in the atmospheric pollution. This primary pollution is followed by a secondary pollution through radioactive fallout. These particles will subsequently be carried out or otherwise settle down on soil and water by rain and will be dispersed over the surface. Thus, test sites not only experience such pollution but it also spreads to other remote

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