Water Pollution: The Effect On Human Health

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Water pollution: The Effect on human health: In 21st century, humanity is facing a major challenge of a water quality issue. The main group includes aquatic contaminants and their effects on human health. Approach to improve pollution of fresh water resources. Many of the major problems that are related to water quality and water quantity issues are facing by humanity in the twenty-first century 1) These problems are to be more provoked in the future by changing climate that results in higher water temperatures, melting of glaciers, and an strengthening of the water cycle 2) With more floods and droughts 3) With respect to human health, the most direct and most rigorous impact is the lack of improved cleanliness, and related to it is the lack of pure drinking water, which currently affects more than a third of the people in the world. Additionally the threats which may include, for example, disclosure to pathogens or to chemical toxicants by means of the food chain (e.g., the result of irrigating plants with contaminated water and of bioaccumulation of toxic chemicals by aquatic organisms, including seafood and fish) or during activity (e.g., swimming in polluted surface water). 4) This review deals with the pollution of freshwater resources, including lakes, rivers, and groundwater. Because numerous reviews have appeared recently that cover the various aspects of waterborne diseases in a inclusive way. More eminence is placed on chemical pollution. More than one-third of

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