Persuasive Essay On Clean Drinking Water And Sanitation

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Has anyone ever wondered that if it’s just roti- kapada-makaan that is important for one’s sustenance?? I guess we need a bit of up gradation for the list. So what’s next to add on?? Of course it’s clean drinking water and proper sanitation conditions. This though was also supported by the former director general of WHO Dr. LEE Jong-wook. According to him “Water and Sanitation is one of the primary drivers of public health. I often refer to it as “Health 101”, which means that once we can secure access to clean water and to adequate sanitation facilities for all people, irrespective of the difference in their living conditions, a huge battle against all kinds of diseases will be won.” It has been seen that almost 50% of Indian women defecates in open…show more content…
Thus lack of toilets has left women in treacherous situation. In order to abate the problem government has setup Eco toilets at various places. Raj Newal the renowned architect has partnered to help design. The beauty of these toilets is that it can be setup anywhere even where there is no sewage line. To make it durable aluminium sandwiched honeycomb panels with stainless steel veneering has been used. To go with the thought of eco friendliness a very innovative technology was developed. A consortium of psychrophilic bacteria brought from Antarctica was cultured in laboratory; this helped to decompose the fecal matter into water, carbon dioxide and methane. An underground tank chamber is provided where this conversion takes place over a period of three days. The water so generated can be recycled again and can be used for horticulture. The eco toilet comes with an added benefit; they are designed to avoid wastage of water. It was estimated that a flush required 1.5l of water but the new toilets need a much lesser amount. This could be achieved by developing an “atmospheric water generator” to

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