The Cause Of Water Pollution

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Water Pollution

There are a lot of global issues disturbing people’s lives and one of them is water pollution. Water pollution is when water gets dirty and harmful substances goes in the water and water gets polluted. And it is one of the most serious thing we are facing this days. It happens by people throwing rubbish in lake, ocean, and river. Also, by factories leaking toxic in the water secretly. This two is the major reason why water pollution happens. Except for this two reasons, there are a lot of other reason why it happens. The effect of the water pollution is very dangerous to everyone in the world, and every living organism. In the first paragraph, I will explain the meaning of water pollution and the cause of water
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As two third of the earth is covered in water, if one placed gets polluted there is a way that the whole water in the planet can be polluted. 70% of earth is covered in water. Water is a very important resources for every living lives. Water pollution cause danger in the aquatic life and to humans and it leads to extinction of aquatic life that affects the food chain. If there is effect on one place of food chain, the whole chain will break and cause danger to people and animals. So, by this, we can see that water pollution can change to a very serious problem like breaking the food chain. Also, if water pollution happens in one place, then it will spread to other places and other places gets polluted too. As pollutions are all connected, water pollution can cause another pollution like air pollution and oil…show more content…
The small plastic bits does not dissolve so it stays in the water that makes water pollution by the chemicals inside the plastic. Also, as small fishes think the small bits of plastic is their food, they eat it and their health becomes bad. As bigger fishes eat the smaller ones, the bad things gets bigger and bigger as the fish grows too. And at last, the humans eat it and they get infected by the toxic in the plastic and might die from it. Even though people try to take the rubbish out of the ocean, lake, river and places, the plastic dissolve is too small for the filters to take them out. So, only the big plastics will be taken out and which makes the small plastics more noticeable for the fishes to think it is their

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