Water Polution: The Dangers Of Water Pollution In India

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Introduction Water pollution is one of the most serious problems faced by today’s civilization.Any foreign substance which degrade the natural form of water due to its presence can be considered as a water pollutant. Major pollutants for water includes organic and inorganic chemicals, heavy metals, petrochemicals, chloroform, and bacteria. Phenol and phenolic compounds are one of the major organic pollutants that reduce the availability of pure drinking water especially in a developing country like India.waste waters containing phenolic compounds will casuse serious health hazards and environmental issues,and they should not be discharged without proper treatement. India as a developing country,and having a handful of coal based resources the rapidly growing industrialization has caused an increased release of pollutants like phenol.The major phenol releasing industries include chemical and pharmaceutical industries,petroleum refineries,coal gasification operations,textile industries,dye related industries,steel plants etc…The average phenol concentration in coke oven plant effluent in steel industry approximately varies between 500-1000 mg/L Release of untreated waste water containing phenol can cause significant environmental troubles and toxic effects on living organisms include nausea, vomiting, paralysis, coma, greenish or smoky colored urine and even death from respiratory failure or cardiac arrests. Deadly doses can be absorbed through the skin. Major organs injured

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