Water Scarcity In America Essay

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Water ─ the colorless, transparent, odorless, tasteless liquid that forms the seas, lakes, rivers, and rain and is the basis of the fluids of living organisms. Even though it is needed for humanity to survive, people forget that the water cycle and the life cycle are one. Clearly, America and the world needs to educate the public and realize that water scarcity is only going to get worse. There are countless ideas to improve water scarcity, water treatment, and water issues in general, but there is a whole other aspect that is affected. To improve water issues in America and all around the world these factors are looked at from these various perspectives: historical and governmental, environmental and agricultural, political and economic, and a social and cultural view. Certain countries have their own way of dealing with water when compared to the ways North America deals with scarce resources. Even though North America is advanced in many positive ways,…show more content…
China’s government is aware of the severity of these water shortages happening all over the country especially in northern China. In northern China, they do not have a dependable source of local water or clean water due to the excessive amount of pollution in the air. Just imagine how this affects the rest of China and around the world. According to Yong Jiang, China’s Water Scarcity, Yong states, “China’s water shortage is of global concern because China and the rest of the world are increasingly connected, both economically and environmentally” (2005). China, however, has shown interest and motivation to solve this detrimental problem by initiating a policy to advocate for a healthy environment. Although, it is difficult to develop an accurate and precise strategy to relieve some of the pressures of water shortages, the government is working towards full understanding of the issue of water
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