Water Scarcity In UAE

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Water is scarce in UAE
Economic resources are the wants of individual and the Society as the whole to produce outputs to meet the ever changing needs. Those are the land, labour, capital and entrepreneurial. Scarcity is the basic economic problem that is unlimited human needs and wants, in a world of limited resources.
The Middle East has experienced many environmental matters lately. But now Water scarcity is the one of the increasing problem especially for the peoples there who already lacks access to clean water. Some of these countries, including the UAE, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, are facing unique problems that require global, immediate consideration. In all these countries the main problem is the lack of water resources and low
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The occupation of these costly emirates might create the assumption that water scarcity is not a problem for these rich states. But actually the UAE is facing with serious of reduction of water resources available in UAE. UAE had the highest per capita use of water in the world, this is said by the report from the Emirates Industrial Bank Also, for the past thirty years the water table of this region has discarded about one meter per year. Now the current rate, the UAE will consume its natural freshwater resources in about fifty years. Even with a large amount of desalination plants to reduce water deficiency, the UAE needs to adjust its water use habits before its energy consumption doubles in 2020.
Governmental procedure to solve water scarcity in UAE
Environment Agency Abu Dhabi said that, 72 per cent of water used in the UAE comes from groundwater, 21 per cent comes from desalination and only 7 per cent is treated water.
The UAE is listed by the United Nations as a high-rank country when it comes to water problem, with the demand of water, it occurrence is not in same or not in
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Some of them are the UAE government environment authority announced ground water saving goals that will reduce the consumption ground water. In agriculture the ground water more used, so reduce the use of ground water by using modern technologies in agriculture. And another procedure is advised farmers to use water efficiently. Then aware the people about the water scarcity and reduce the water consumption. For that the developed a Giant duck on Dubai Creek to highlight water conservation. the government saved the rain water and installed water saving s devices installed especially in Abu Dhabi the government 2,100 water-saving devices installed. At that time the government launched water research centre.
Solution for water scarcity
There are several solution to water scarcity in UAE. One of them is installing meters in the houses to reduce the use of water. Another solution is growing crops that can flourish in salty water and survive lack of water. However, the government can also try pumping wasted water into the ground after cleaning it to raise the underground water level. One of the clearest solutions is educating the people about this serious problem.

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