Water Solution And Water Pollution

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Nowadays, water pollution and water hostages are the very serious problem on the entire world. This all because the result of the population that always increase all the time. When the population increase there will always occur a serious problem such as global warming,flood, and many more. It also effect the water ecosystem and water pollution will occur. Apart from that, the industrial development also contribute with the increase of water pollution all over the world.

water is a very special and unique substances, because it can naturally cleanse and renew itself. it cleanse and renew itself by allow the pollutants to diluting or break down or settle out to the point that there are no harmful concentration but the natural process usually take a lot of time to make sure the water is free from the pollutions. At the same time it difficult to make sure the water is free from the pollutions because of the excessive quantities of harmful contaminant are added to the water [safe drinking water foundation, n.d.]. That the reason why the water purification process have been created. Water purification process have been created to make sure the contaminated water become a suitable drink to people, animal, agriculture industry and many more and also to decrease the deaths from the waterborne disease.

water purification is a process that remove undesirable gases, suspended solids, chemical and biological contaminant from the contaminated water. It is to produce water to fit
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