Water Solution: Causes And Different Types Of Water Pollution

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Water pollution can be explained in many ways. In real term pollution meaning is that more than one substances have built up in such an extent in water that they all cause the serious problems for all living things. Lakes, rivers and oceans can desolve a certain amount of pollution by spreading it harmlessly. If you poured a glass of ink into a lake then ink will quickly vanish due to much volume of lake 's clean water but if you poured a gallon of ink into lake then the colour of lake will be changed in seconds. In return it will affect the lake water and also the health of all those who depend on the lake. There exist many types of pollution. In following we discuss few types briefly: egin{enumerate} item extbf{Nutrients Pollution}: Main source of this pollution is sewage, wastewater and fertilizers that contain too much level of nutrients and can make water undrinkable. If nutrients pollution end up in water bodies, it encourage weed growth. item extbf{Surface water pollution}: Nitrate, Dissolve solids , Dissolve oxygen and many others are the indicators of water surface pollution. When theses different substances combine in surface water then surface water pollution arise. These are all inorganic chemicals. This pollution cause the lower crop yield, skin problem and many more. It is also very harmful for aquatic life. item extbf{Chemical water pollution}: as industrialization has spread around the world, so the problem of water chemical pollution has also spread

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