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Water pollution can be explained in many ways. In real term pollution meaning is that more than one substances have built up in such an extent in water that they all cause the serious problems for all living things. Lakes, rivers and oceans can desolve a certain amount of pollution by spreading it harmlessly. If you poured a glass of ink into a lake then ink will quickly vanish due to much volume of lake 's clean water but if you poured a gallon of ink into lake then the colour of lake will be changed in seconds. In return it will affect the lake water and also the health of all those who depend on the lake. There exist many types of pollution. In following we discuss few types briefly:

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One is to take samples of the water and measure the concentrations of different chemicals that it contains. If the chemicals are dangerous or the concentrations are too great, we can regard the water as polluted. Measurements like this are known as chemical indicators of water quality. Another way to measure water quality involves examining the fish, insects, and other invertebrates that the water will support. If many different types of creatures can live in a river, the quality is likely to be very good; if the river supports no fish life at all, the quality is obviously much poorer. Measurements like this are called biological indicators of water…show more content…
For that purpose, geostatistical tools are used to analyze the spatial distribution of the water quality parameters such as nitrate, sulfate, sodium and turbidity etc. Sulfate naturally occurs in water in various amounts. It is also found in soil, rocks, minerals, food and plants. Its high concentration in water causes catharsis, dehydration, diarrhea and gastrointestinal irritation. It is a combination of sulfur and oxygen which are the part of minerals naturally occur in soil and rocks. It is used in the manufacturing of glass, paper, soaps, fungicides, insecticides and chemicals etc. As soil and rock formations contains sulfate minerals so when water moves through soil and rock formations, some sulfate dissolved into water. High concentration of sulfate present in water is harmful for humans and animals. cite{Atasoy10} investigated corrosivity of ground water and discussed that high concentration of sulfate in groundwater affecting the corrosiveness. The maximum contaminant level of sulfate set by World Health Organization (WHO, 1993) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA, 2003) is given to be $250mg/l$ and $500mg/l$ respectively, cite{Partha10}. If sulfate concentration exceeds $250mg/l$ then it gives a bitter and medicinal taste to water, which may make water unpleasant to drink. High

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