Water Supply System Case

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With the result established under assignment 2, part 2, we will try to determine what water supply system would be better for the Aurora Fire Department. What would be more effective, using the water source from the hydrant by either water shuttle or pump relay, or by using the pond which is located left to the Duffer’s Clubhouse. The first possibility to look into would be the tanker shuttle beginning with the fire hydrant, supplied by a municipal system or the Horizon pond adjacent to the Golf Club. First, the water shuttle from the hydrant. We know from previous calculations that the required delivery rate (DR) is 750 GPM (625 IGPM). To determine how many tankers are necessary, several formulas need to be applied. To determine…show more content…
First, TT = .65 + 1.06 D (.57 kms round trip) = 1.2542 minutes. Secondly, T = TT + HT + WT. Then, we apply those numbers with the next formula, which is: T = 1.2542 minutes + 5 minutes + 2 minutes = 8.2542 minutes. Then we would look at the tanker delivery rate (TDR) formula: TDR = C (1248.9 IGPM) divided by T (8.2542 minutes) = 151.30 IGPM. If we divided 625 IGPM Delivery Rate by 151.30 IGPM Tanker Delivery Rate (TDR) = 4.1308 tankers would be necessary for the Aurora Fire Department to use the pond. Therefore, unless they request a Mutual Aid in the early stage of the incident, they will not be capable to provide this water supply system for this scenario considering they only have two…show more content…
from the Duffer’s Club. We have a given static pressure of 50 psi with a flow of 1000 GPM. The delivery rate needed is 750 GPM or 625 IGPM. A total of 1300 ft. of 4 inch high volume (13 lengths of 100 ft. hose) will be needed from the hydrant to the Clubhouse. To determine how many pumpers will be sufficient to supply the water, we need to find out the friction loss (FL) for each 100 ft. of high volume hose. Here’s a few technicalities I found in my readings. The operating pressure of a 4 inch high volume should not exceed 185 psi. The intake pressure should be “ideally maintained at 20 psi. Those two details will be helpful in the continuation of this

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