Natural Resources: The Importance Of Water To The Human Body

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Natural Resources

Water- possibly the most important resource in order for humans to stay alive. According to research, although some people have survived 8-10 days without water, the average person cannot survive more than three days without water. Water is important to the human body because the body uses water in all its cells, tissues, and organs, in order to aid in regulating body temperature and maintaining other function in the human body. Your body loses water extremely easily; through breathing, sweating, and digestion. Therefore it is important to drink a lot of water and eat foods that contain water the recommended dosage of water for an average person per day is about 2 litres. You might not always realize exactly how important water is t, but when you do more research, you start seeing that water is by far one of the most
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For instance, if every person in the community of 200 households save 10 litres of water per month (which is completely possible if you try), 2000 litres of water can be saved a month, making a huge difference in the future when we will need that water. Now you ask yourself the important question; what can I do to save water? The truth be told, you can do so many things to save water on a daily basis, it would be most helpful to choose three things and deliberately focus on them. When those three things becomes a habit, try the next three things. You can turn of the tap when you brush your teeth, you can decrease your showering time to 5 minutes at a time, you should try to always use full loads of dishes or clothes when using an automatic washing-machine, you should wash your car with a bucket of water and not with a hosepipe, and lastly you should keep to the rules and regulations of your municipality concerning water; don’t think you are above the water limits, they are there for a reason. There are no alternatives for water, so use the water you have

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