Improvement In Aviation Case Study

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Question 1: What were the first improvements in water transportation and how did it affect the way the US traveled. Summary of Information Found: the United States was growing and started asking for some better and more efficient way of transportation. Some of the major ways that water transportation was improved was by creating canals to connect rivers, the invention of steamboats, and even steamboat companies improving steamboats to hold more passengers. Question 2: What was the first usable automobile, and how was it powered, and how was it influential to the history of transportation. Who created it? Summary of Information Found: The first car invented was by Oliver Evans which was revolutionary at the time. Then, Duryea Motor Wagon Company got into the game making their first car, named the Duryea automobile in 1893. Next year they came out with the second car which traveled 54 miles, going 7.5 mph. Old Motor Virginia Company dominated the market making 425 cars in the first year, selling it for $650. Question 3: Information about Henry Ford and how Ford revolutionized the car industry? Summary of Information Found: Ford achieved…show more content…
The first improvement was roads, at the time we lacked roads, the problem then got resolved by the industrial revolution. Second, it was very difficult and inefficient to move uphill and so the keelboat was invented during the revolution to be able to go uphill. The steamboat was the third achievement which improved travel in canals and waterways to create good transportation for supplies. Then came canals which were made to connect major bodies of water, and send over supplies. Last but not least, the railroads were very important as they helped create more efficient transportation for supplies and even passengers. The industrial revolution had a huge impact on the US, and this will remain in history as a very crucial time

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