Water Watershed Research Paper

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Water, humans need to drink to survive, our everyday lives depend on it. Rain or Storm, watersheds are nature’s way of clearing excess storm water. Without watersheds our drinking water won’t be preserved. This is horrible! Pollution, one of the common ways that land and water affect each other in a watershed. Without the conservation programs, watersheds would be infected with pollution. Our water supply watersheds wouldn’t be purified/clean. Watersheds help recharge our water supply, helps protect oceans, and provides good habitat for Hawaii. The great benefits of watersheds are very protecting for the Hawaiian Islands and around the world. Watersheds help recharge our water supply and droughts, by collecting rainwater which then flows…show more content…
For fishing by controlling erosion as the roots of trees help to hold soils to keep them from flowing down into oceans and causing horrible damage to coral reefs, fisheries, and swimming areas. Especially in Hawaii, where we are surrounded with many oceans. That already have horrible items such as, plastic, litter, etc. To change this I will continue to do my monthly volunteer for beach clean-ups. Watersheds, provides habitat for Hawaii’s unique plants and animals, supplies cultural plants to continue traditions. Hawaii has many unique plants and animals that aren 't found anywhere else in the world. Keeping our plants and animals safe by reducing their risk of being endangered is important. In Hawaii, our culture defines us. We dance hula, water is needed to supply the clothing materials needed for hula. Keeping the island water clean and harm free is very important. Without watersheds the water that living organisms need won’t be purified and clean. Drinking water is very important for humans, humans won’t survive without water. So, as people who can make a change for the world and start to conserve and preserve water, we can see a great future ahead of us. I believe that learning the science of marine biology will be a great benefit for my future. In Hawaii, there are many valuable resources that we need, including watersheds and saving the coral reefs. I want to be apart of PaCES, because I want to be educated and learn about the marine life. I want to make a change and explore what research can look

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