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Iceland is an Island located in the Northern and the Western hemisphere. It’s absolute location is 64.96° North and 19.02° West. Iceland is in the Northern part of the Atlantic ocean and just below the Arctic circle. It is still part of Europe but is 645 miles away. North West of Iceland is the strait of Denmark, to the North East if the greenland sea, and to the East is the is the Norwegian sea. There are many different landforms in iceland that have formed over a long period of time. There are mountains and mountain ranges made from volcanoes. There are also rivers that make beautiful waterfalls. There is a giant plateau in iceland that is 2000 feet high. Also iceland has many volcanoes. These geographic features make iceland interesting and beautiful.
`In iceland there are many mountains. Most of these are made over time by volcanoes. One of these is Esja. Esja is a volcanic mountain range that has been built up since the Ice Age. Esja since it was made from volcanoes it is made up of basalt and tuff. Esja is about six miles from reykjavik and is famous for hiking and climbing there. There are many trails on Esja and lots of people hike there. The others landforms that look like mountains are glaciers.
There are many glaciers in iceland. They cover about 12% of Iceland. Most of the glaciers in iceland are in the center. This makes the
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Iceland has so many that it is one of the most volcanic places on earth. There have been more than 150 eruptions since the 9th century. Most of the types of eruptions of fissure eruptions. Theses eruptions are when there is a crack in the earth and gas, lava, and ashes are sprayed everywhere. One of the biggest volcanoes in iceland is Kalta. Kalta is located in southern iceland just below the Myrdalsjokull glacier. It has erupted twenty times since the 9th century and is still active. These eruptions have affected where the people live. It is risky to live near the volcanoes in case of

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