Watergate Office Administration Scandal

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According to 48 Liberal Lies about American History, Larry Schweikart explains that Richard Nixon was not responsible for sending burglars into the Watergate Office Complex. This report has been proven otherwise by the admittance of Nixon 's secret agents. A crew of “plumbers” were hired under Nixon 's control for the White House who were assigned strictly maintenance duties. On June 17, 1972, five of Nixon 's secret agents were found in the Watergate Office Complex with special recording equipment. Nixon gathered the group of plumbers to keep his secrets quiet from the press and avoid a public controversy. It was later unveiled that Nixon was behind the security breach. Richard hired the plumbers with the knowledge that they had ties to the CIA. The funding for these secret operatives was…show more content…
In time, the burglars hired under Nixon 's control revealed the truth about their wrongful conduct for the sake of avoiding harsh punishments. Nixon was asked to step down numerous times, but disregarded the requests of many. John Dean kept notes regarding the president 's malicious, wrongful conduct, which he revealed in front of the Senate Watergate Commmitee. A White House employee disclosed that recordings complete with all of Nixon 's Oval Office conversations were acquirable in 1973. Nixon fought against the committee in an effort to keep his precious tapes out of the public eye. Nixon was eventually forced to turn over the tapes under a Supreme Court Order. The tapes proved that Nixon was responsible for the scandal. Towards the end of 1974, prosecutors had enough evidence to prove that Nixon was guilty. Nixon resigned from office on August 9th, 1974, making history as the first American president to resign from office. The very next day, Gerald Ford was appointed as a replacement for Nixon. As the nation regained its trust in the national government, Nixon 's agents were serving time in federal prison. Nixon did in fact send burglars into the Watergate

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