Watergate Scandal Analysis

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It takes one day to change the world’s perspective on the ones that “protect” us. Just moments before these were the most trust worthy people in this world, these for millions were the only people to be consider to be trust worthily. Now just moments the perspective that the citizens of the U.S to never second guess the government has now been turn upside down which puts millions in a situation that seems in no way plausible. A nation that was built opposing corruption have now turn the table on their citizens, millions of citizen that put their trust into the government our now stuck in a hiatus, looking for the truth, and all of this paranoia falls all down on Watergate. Watergate brings a new perspective to the American citizens, changing how much people are willing to to believe everything on the surface, because now what we see our government truly does, shows the ones who are most dangerous to our society are the ones that “protect” us. The Watergate Scandal was a mess right from its concept being toss, the puppeteer behind the scandal, President Nixon was a person that millions…show more content…
What Nixon plan was first to have “His aids to avoid all contact with critical journals” (Lukas 32), and for certain reporters who didn’t bring up questions about Watergate “Rewarded a few friendly reporters with exclusive interviews or tips” (Lukas 32). This would’ve kept the reporters away from discussing Watergate. Still many believe the truth is being hold back from the public, so the press keeps pushing it down Nixon and anyone possibly took role in the event. A hatred was born between the messengers and the writer. Shown in Patrick J. Buchanan The Media Hated Nixon and Drove Him from Office from Alex Cruden “Watergate” states “The media and political establishments hated Nixon” (Buchanan 78). With Nixon’s attempt to control the press failed, the next step in his wall of lies comes into play, more escape
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