Watergate Scandal In American History

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What is the Watergate Scandal? Did you know that the Watergate phenomenon is one of the most climatic and talked about scandal in American History? Scandals term of analogy is a action or event of illegal wrong doing at a particular moment. This incident occurred during the 1972 presidential election with the two time running Republican Richard Nixon and Senator George McGovern. At the beginning of the election process, it seemed that it would be a close race, Yet the polls revealed a completely different outcome . As the voting polls began to close and the votes were tallied it was shown that former president Richard Nixon was the obvious popular candidate as he won by 503 votes with the electoral votes tallied out at 520 to 17. (270towin.com,…show more content…
During the trial cases in the months of march and April, the detectives and the court were able to see the revealing cover-up story of president Nixon. On March 23, burglar James McCord told the district judge that he was pressured into silence. As things began to get even more interesting, an F.B.I director Patrick Gray resigned after he admitted to destroying the watergate scandal evidence for protection of Richard Nixon. This would cause a chain reaction which would lead to more people resigning and revealing information that each individual had a role in the watergate scandal and how they tried to cover Mr. Nixon tracks (Historyplace.com, 2009). Just as the year was ending President Richard Nixon found himself in between a rock and hard place. All of his tricks and decoys were being soiled by the F.B.I and he was running out time before he was caught. Both citizens and congressman were growing tired of hearing the things that the president of the United States of America was being convicted for so they decided to do something about it. On February 6, 1974 the House of Representatives passed a House resolution to authorize the Judiciary Committee to consider impeachment proceedings against Nixon (Watergate.info, 1995). At this point, Richard Nixon sees the writing on the wall and he knows that if stay’s then he and his cabinet can get in some major legal
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