Waterlily, Lady Feeding The Cats And Snowgum Analysis

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Composers portray their different perspectives through their language, style and structure which is prevalent through context, literary techniques and themes. Douglas Stewart presents this to the audience through nature 's beauty, the individual in nature and perseverance. His deep appreciation of nature alters his understanding and believes that man is dependant of nature. This is evident in the poems Waterlily, Lady Feeding The Cats and Snowgum. Tourism Australia and Chris Hemsworth is an advertisement created to persuade the audience through the positive ramification that Australia can have on the individual and that man has an innate need to interact with nature.

The unique juxtaposition of the views of Lady Feeding the Cats allows the author to explore the different perspectives of nature’s work. Imagery is used to reflect a deeper understanding of the composer 's perspective and impacts the audience’s
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Stewart’s “Lady feeding the cats” proficiently utilises this idea revealing his reflection on the inhumanity of society. The opening line “shuffling along in her broken shoes for the slums…” portrays her impoverished life, setting the theme of the poem; appreciation for nature and alienation. A motif is present throughout the poem to describe humanity’s hope for a better future. This is further emphasised in “princess out of a tower” and ‘queen of the cats’. This use of intertextuality coupled with the motif conveys the lady’s relevance and her appreciation for God’s gift of nature where she is acknowledged for her kindness and compassion. The use of the gerund in “shuffling” sets the tone of the poem and positions the reader to visualise the lady and the difficulties she experiences. This idea is further reinforced by the sibilance in the words shoes and slums which emphasise her unimportance; no-one notices that she is there. This allows the audience to understand the need man has for nature. Stewart attracts the reader 's
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