Waterworld Research Paper

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It was a sunny, cheerful Saturday morning with an exciting and thrilling adventure ahead of us. My mom was bringing my younger sister (Winnie) and me to a water park. The name of this water park was Waterworld California in Concord which was about a one-hour drive to the park. In the morning, we packed our swimming suits, towels, and Oreos in a grey colored Nike backpack. Unfortunately, we lost our sunscreen and couldn’t find it in time to bring it with us. Everything was done and loaded into the car and our trip to Concord! After a long drive, we finally made it to the city of Concord. We saw many children and adults of all ages walking and driving toward Waterworld. At the entrance parking lot, we saw many unique, fun waterslides. The waterslides had a mixture of drops and funnels. At the ticket counter, we gave the employee our printed tickets and headed inside. The first thing we saw was a gorgeous water fountain spouting water pillars. My mom took some picture and we started to plan our day’s schedule. FIrst, we had to change in our swimsuits at the provided changing rooms…show more content…
There was water shooting and pouring from every direction I could see from. The names of these attractions were called Treasure Island and Lil’ Kahuna Waterworks. It had many mini slides that were thrilling in a way. Winnie and I did an obstacle that was impossible for most of us. Lily-pad like floating objects that was tied to a metal chain at the bottom of the pool. A path was made of them and we tried to make it to the end. There was a mixture of balance and mobility was needed to complete this obstacle. Winnie made it almost one-hundred percent of the time, but I didn’t make it at all! I only made it once in the four or five times we tried it. Most of the time I fell off because I wasn’t balanced. Even though I failed most of the time, I still loved this obstacle. It was all a fun
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