Watson Go To Birmingham Book Report

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The Watsons go to Birmingham All of the Watsons live in Flint, Michigan where they all go to school at Clark Elementary. Kenny is sort of self inspired as in he don 't get noticed a lot and don 't have many friends and gets picked on and bullied at school. He eventually becomes friends with the new kid that goes to their school and at first Kenny thinks that the bullies will have someone new to pick on because he’s not rich, he’s raggedy and he don 't talk like the other kids, he has a southern accent. On the other hand, Byron is the bad kid (until they arrive in Alabama). He beats up people in school, he likes setting things on fire and he even killed a bird with a cookie. So at this point you probably want to guess this book is going to…show more content…
The area the Watsons live in (Flint Michigan) is really cold (according to the beginning of the book). Since it 's so cold out, the school kids have to bundle up in layer after layer of clothing and jackets. What they did on that “super-duper-cold Saturday” they bundled up together and dad tried to keep us warm by generating the heat on us. Joey babysits a very young girl and before they leave for Birmingham, the Watsons neighbor comes over and gives Joey a going-away gift. Joey recieves a white angel doll and puts it in her sock drawer because it 's white and it don 't look like her like their neighbor told Joey it did. Getting through about half way in the book, the Watsons decide to take a trip to visit grandma and she lives in Birmingham, Alabama. Byron is so excited for this trip, he wants to drive part of the way to scare dad.The night before they leave Byron sleeps in Willona 's room so he can 't run for it in the morning. Before they leave, the plan is to make it to CIncinnati Ohio and stay in a hotel for a night to take a break so Dad isnt too tired of driving. The next day they still don 't plan on going to Birmingham, they will stay at a rest stop in Knoxville, and then they will drive to Birmingham the following day. During the way there, Wilona is calculating everything from when they eat too every time they stop for a restroom break. he writes it all down in a notebook and titles it “The Watsons Go To Birmingham-1963” Also on the way there, they listen to records and dad turns on the Ultra Glide. Once they finally arrive in Birmingham, Alabama, they start saying how hot it is because they are not use to the hot, they 're more familiar with the cold weather. And also Byron shocks everyone when they arrive, he 's super nice to everyone and does
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