Watson's Go To Birmingham Analysis

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The poem “Making Sarah Cry” and the play “The Watson’s Go To Birmingham” share a similar theme of being different. They are similar because both the characters are different and are treated unfairly. For example, in the poem, “Making Sarah Cry” the theme was addressed as being different because Sarah was different because she was slow and not as smart. In the play, “The Watson’s Go To Birminingham”, the characters are different because they are a darker color and are also rtreated unfairly. Even though they have the same theme, both, the poem and the play, address the themes very differently from one other. They address the themes differently because in “The Watsons Go To Birmingham”, the charcters don’t influence other characters, but in “Making Sarah Cry” Sarah does influence other characters.…show more content…
The play, “The Watson’s Go To Birmingham” has a theme of Being Different because the kids in the story are treated unfairly and are different from other people and other kids. In the poem “Making Sarah Cry”, Sarah is also treated unfairly nad different from the other kids in the school. In the play “The Watsons’s Go to Birmigham” it says, “Mr Robert, can we sit closer? No Kenny. Only white folks can sit down there.” This shows how the kids and Mr. Robert are treated unfairly and how they are different from most of the other people because they aren’t allowed to sit close in the movie thater to see the movie. The poem, “Making Sarah Cry”, also shows how Sarah is different from the other kids and how she is not treated fair when it
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