Wave Energy: The Power Of Waves In The World

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What are waves? Ocean waves are caused by the wind as it blows across the sea. In many areas of the world, the wind blows with enough consistency and force to provide continuous waves. It contains both kinetic and potential energies. The kinetic energy is related to the velocity of the movement of water, and the potential energy is a function of the amount of water displaced from the mean sea level. They are a powerful source of energy, it’s renewable, environment friendly, abundant and widely available. However the problem is that wave energy is only suitable to certain locations, and it also effects on marine ecosystem. The best thing about wave energy is that it will never run out. Its a renewable energy source, because the waves flow back from the shore, but they always return. Unlike fossil fuels nor ethanol, which are limited. They require no input from man to make their power, and they can always be counted on. The energy from waves can be taken directly into electricity-producing machinery and used to power generators and power plants nearby making “clean energy”. Which are hard to find these days. Another benefit to using this energy is its nearness to places that can use it. Lots of big cities and harbors are next to the ocean and can harness the power of the waves for their use. About 40 percent of the world’s energy is produced by the “waves”. Coastal cities tend to be well-populated, so lots of people can get use from wave energy plants. A final benefit is

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