Waverly Jong In Amy Tan's The Joy Luck Club

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The criticism the daughters received from their mothers was beneficial because they respected their mother’s opinion and cultural.
Jing-mei’s relationship with her mother was fragile due to her mom passing away due with the thoughts in her head the father assumed. Suyuan Woo had a horrible life with the Japanese coming into Kweilin trying to take over she had no choice but to pack such little belongings and escape “ By then I didn’t have enough feeling left in my body to cry, I finally dropped one bag after the other when my hands began to bleed. ” The life and horrible events Suyuan Woo went through she only hoped and prayed that her daughter would have a better life than she did that’s why she was so hard on her opinions. A friend once told
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How can you be me? ”
Waverly Jong and mother Lindo Jong opinions were harsh “ Chinese people do business, do medicine, do painting. Not lazy like American people. We do tourture. Best torture. ” but she felt that her criticism and opinion’s were meaningful. Lindo Jong didn’t really agree and liked certain
American ways so every chance she got she would make a comment telling the kids that had no understanding the differences between American people and Chinese people. Waverly Jong’s relationship with her mother was a struggle she thought of her mother as a tiger waiting to pounce the predator older women can destroy with one swipe of her powerful claws.
Waverly struggled with her mother teaching her things, she had no control or understanding of such as teaching her the “ art of invisible strength. ”
Lindo taught her daughter the best with every tools she needs to win battles in life that she will grow up and encounter with as a human being. As the meaning behind Lindo Jingo saying “ art of invisible strength ” had to do with self-control.
Lena St. Clair mother Ying-ying St. Clair had no filter and said exactly what was on her mind due to Lena asking about how her great-grandfather
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