Waverly Jong In Amy Tan's The Rules Of The Game

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(TOPIC SENTENCE) I have an adamant bond with some characters in the short stories because I relate to them in some sort, specifically, (THESIS I) Waverly Jong, since she is a (MAJOR A) committed and (MAJOR B) intellectual young girl. (RE-WORDING MA) Throughout Amy Tan’s “The Rules of the Game,” Waverly shows commitment, which is an exceptional quality she has, that stood out to me. (MINOR 1 FOR MAJOR A) In the story, she would consistently dedicate her time and effort in the game of chess. As a result, at age nine, she was a national chess champion. In addition, Waverly would spend countless of hours trying to discover and learn new strategic ways/techniques always to win the game. For instance, Waverly stated, “I went to school, then directly
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