Wayne Gretzky: The Greatest NHL Player

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The Great One, Wayne Gretzky “ You miss 100% of the shots you never take”( Wayne Gretzky). Wayne Gretzky, also known as The Great One, was born to be an athlete. Wayne Gretzky played his first NHL game when he was seventeen years old and played for twenty one years until he was thirty seven. He was so good that people from all over the world would come and watch him play. Because Gretzky accomplished so many things in his early life, won many awards because of his stats, and played on so many teams which he helped them succeed, Wayne Gretzky is the greatest NHL player One reason, Wayne Gretzky is the greatest NHL player is because he accomplished so many things early in his life. The text states “ Wayne Gretzky scored 378 goals in his final…show more content…
Gretzky has won ten Art Ross trophies, five Ted Lindsay awards, one Lester Patrick trophy, nine Hart Memorial trophies, two Conn Smythe awards, five Lady Byng Memorial trophies, four Stanley Cups, and he got his number retired ( Winning these awards takes a long time and effort and Wayne Gretzky won many of them, which took him a long time of hard work. Wayne Gretzky's stats show that he had played in 1,487 games and had 2,857 points which 849 are goals and 1,963 are assists ( This shows how he was an all around good player because he would pass and also shoot. When Wayne Gretzky had just started playing in the NHL he scored fifty goals in fifty games (Edmund). Wayne Gretzky holds many world records and this is one of them. Again the only reason Wayne Gretzky won all these awards were because he worked hard and never gave up even when it was challenging for…show more content…
The Puck Report states “On May 27th in 1993, Wayne Gretzky cut Doug Gilmour for eight stitches with a high stick during overtime in Game 6 of the Campbell Conference Final”. Hockey is a dangerous and aggressive sport and you will get hit and you may get a few penalties. Also Gordie Howe has won many awards, but has one that is better than all of Wayne Gretzky's combine it is the NHL Lifetime Achievement Award, which is a really big deal ( The award just came out in 2008 and Wayne Gretzky is right on track to receiving the NHL Lifetime Achievement Award. Finally, Wayne has only had two overtime goals in his whole career ( The reason is because he is not selfish and he passed the puck but he also had eight hundred and forty nine goals in his regular seasons. There are many more reasons why Wayne Gretzky is the greatest player than the worst player. Wayne Gretzky is the greatest NHL player because he did so much as a kid, won many awards because of his stats, and played on so many teams which he helped succeed. Consider working hard and putting effort into something and become successful. An example would be Wayne Gretzky practiced every day and look at what he did. He influenced so many people. Also, when people like what they do, they tend to succeed even more. Lastly never give up and remember to keep trying again until
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