Wayne Williams Case Analysis

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Essentially, the case against Wayne Williams hinged on the expert testimony given at the trial. Without the testimony of the expert witnesses, this trial may have had a different verdict. Personally, I think that Larry Peterson did a fabulous job presenting this case. He put together an impressive presentation of the fiber evidence (Nickell, 2011). Therefore, I would have prepared in a similar fashion the expert witnesses for the trial. Forensics experts must be prepared before they testify. Additionally, expert witnesses must convince the judge or the jury that their testimony is truthful and that of sound science. It is critical that they are highly knowledgeable, organized, alert, composed, and ethical. Moreover, the expert when showing their knowledge must show that they are relevant, have command if the subject matter, and are knowledgeable about the state and jurisdictional laws relevant to the case and they must know how to demonstrate their evidence.…show more content…
In addition, they need to be alert, answer questions promptly and intelligently. The expert witness must not appear combative or annoyed at questions especially during cross-examination. Lastly, they must be ethical, display objectively, not advocacy (Wells, 2012). Staggeringly, I would make sure the expert witnesses, in this case, would have extraordinary presentations, drawing a roadmap directly to Wayne Williams. Unquestionably, I would have a presentation of the fiber evidence displaying each fiber and showing the fiber match that tied Wayne Williams to this case, leaving no room for speculation. Visibly, the easier the data is to understand for the jury, the better the chances for a conviction will be in the
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