Ways Of Departmentalization In Samsung

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Departmentalization is foundation stone, which through it can divide the jobs to be groups because of work specialization. The grouping is based on joint sides of the occupations, which could be evaluated and arranged. Moreover, these are some of the gauge ways of departmentalization include grouping occupation by product types, geography or location, customer, and processes.
Departmentalization by Functions
-A shape of planning that groups company's activities around basis functions for instance sales, industrialization, or finance.
Departmentalization by Geographical
- It is gathering the exercises on the premise of an area. On the off chance that an association have its clients geologically scattered, it can
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It has several departments which the initial electronics divisions included Samsung Electronics Devices such as smart phones etc., Samsung Electro-Mechanics such as refrigerator etc. , Samsung Corning such as glass , and Samsung Semiconductor such as SRAM memory chips etc. The employees work in different groups targeting the requirements, type and nature of the product.

Geographical departmentalization: Samsung Electronics, the world's most renowned international company which specializing in consumer electronics, telecommunications, semiconductor , and digital media so Samsung Electronics has 196 subsidiaries around the world including sales subsidiaries, distribution subsidiaries ,production distribution subsidiaries, and research laboratories. Our networks headquarters main be in Korea and nine regional headquarters in Europe, Latin America, North America, Africa, China, Southeast Asia, Southwest Asia, CIS, and Middle East. This is very good for large multinational organization.

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The company usually feature in flat panel TVs, air conditioners, and washing machines. LG is one of the world's leading producers in flat panel TVs, mobile devices, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators. LG Company put the highest value for granting customers trustworthy products, which they could use in a safe and simple way. All workers at LG physics can exert their best effort to look at standards for the merchandise safety system, acknowledging that safety could be a basic price of merchandise .Product safety must be ensured under any circumstance, and it has interesting widely and highest priority in marketability, product design and expense issues.
Geographical departmentalization: LG: company is multinational and headquartered main be in Yeouido -dong, Seoul, South Korea. Ever since LG Electronics its first overseas production base in 1980's,the company has always played an active role around the world market .being a worldwide company require a department to deal with every one of the operations and manage international issues so has a lot of regions geographic around the world .As shown in figure.
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