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Gaining knowledge is necessary for personal development and growth and the way knowledge is acquired strongly depends on the area the information is about. To be able to analyse which ways of knowing are used to obtain knowledge, we must first define one or more knowledge questions each area of knowledge is dealing with. Each of these questions can be answered with the use of ways of knowing, which make up the knowledge network for the area of knowledge as a whole. When only considering the differences between the natural sciences and the ethics with no deeper investigation, the disparity in the subjectivity of the area is clearly noticeable. While the knowledge concerning natural sciences is mainly shared, due to school syllabi or publishing of science research results, ethics is more of a personal nature. Society, a group or a single individual can share their opinion or knowledge on what is…show more content…
The humanity knew the leaves were green all along but it took hundreds of years to be able to determine the proper reasoning behind the colouration of plants – the chlorophyll. If there was no sense perception and people could not feel, see, hear, taste or smell things different, the need to gain knowledge would be extremely reduced. I feel like the quote by Edwin Powell Hubble “Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.” clearly supports the importance of sense perception in the area of natural sciences, however it is arguable if this way of knowing is a reliable source of knowledge in the field. The knowledge gained through this way of knowing is rather of a personal nature, since it can be easily affected by one’s mood or even disability, for example colour-blindness. Optical or auditory illusions are a real life example of how can one’s sense perception differ from

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